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School Prom Limo Hire Manchester

Limo hire for school proms has rocketed in popularity in recent years, with parents keen to make their childís school prom a night to remember. What better way to lend the occasion a touch of extra magic than to have your child arrive in style in a luxury limousine, the envy of everyone? As both the owner of VIP Limos and a parent, I have considerable experience in school prom limo hire and know what to look out for. After all, an ideal school prom limo booking should be smooth and uncomplicated, though there are things which you have to be aware of. Obviously, money is a key issue and, as with any product, you do get what you pay for, so if you are looking to book a limo on a budget, make sure that you are getting what you expect.
Help booking your school prom limo
Here are a few things to take into consideration, from our years of experience in the Manchester limo hire industry:
  • Always check that the limo firm in question is a registered member of the National Limousine and Chauffeur Association Ė
  • Read all limo descriptions carefully to make sure that it meets your needs and if possible, try to visit the companyís premises. There is nothing like seeing the real thing in person and making sure that it is what has been advertised. You donít want any shocks on the big day when a limo turns up that looks nothing like the website images. It is all too easy and unfortunately common these days to steal images of competitorsí products. We battle against this all the time.
  • Be aware of the common tricks so that you donít get caught out. Often, with prom season in full swing, smaller limo companies will not have enough vehicles to cover all their bookings. Theyíll often quote cheaply to get your business and then cancel when they get in another booking for the same prom which they have chanced charging a higher price for, leaving you stuck.
  • Ask to see a brochure of their current limo fleet. Every quality limousine hire firm worth their salt will be proud enough of their fleet to want to show it off. If they donít have one, perhaps it is best to ask yourself why.
  • Ask about hire/reward insurance and check to see for yourself that they do in fact have it.
  • VIP Limos has a sterling reputation in the limousine booking industry and have built up a number of successful partnerships and contacts. If, for some reason, that we canít accommodate your school prom limo booking in Lancashire, then we will be more than happy to recommend another limousine hire firm.
Limousine and chauffeur hire at budget rates
Though prices are dependant on the specific limousine and number of passengers, we can give you a rough guide to estimating how much you can expect to pay. Based on a one hour trip out and a return journey back home, it is a good idea to budget for at least £50.00 per child.

Our advice: we would strongly recommend that the person organising and booking a school prom limousine takes deposits or, if possible, the full amount up front for all the children who are to be passengers that evening. We have heard many times from clients that some children will often drop out at the last moment, leaving the other parents to make up the balance of the cost. Best not be caught out!

So, lots to think about, but if you stick to a well known and respected limousine hire company like VIP Limos, you will have little to worry about when booking a limo for a school prom in Manchester. At the moment, limos are the ultimate in elegant fashion accessories and the perfect way to arrive in style for the biggest evening in the school year. Take a look at our premium limousine fleet and give us a call to see how we can lend that school prom a touch of magic.